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Footsteps: around the World in 80 Countries

A collection of short stories from the road less traveled

 by Adam Rogers


The following travelogues are culled from a collection of journals, emails, faded letters, and assorted memoirs from the past 40 years. I may have embellished a bit here and there, but overall, the stories are as true as I remember them to be.


 My first journey around the blue Pearl was at 19 years of age and took five years on a wing and a prayer with little more than $100 a month to sustain, shelter and transport me through 50 countries.  Many of the stories in this collection are from that time, while others are from my 25 years with the United Nations.  Now that I am mostly retired, and with a son who works for United Airlines, I circle the globe at least twice a year collecting new stories, some of which are shared here.


Rather than listing the countries chronologically as I experienced them, I have decided to tell them one by one as stand-alone narratives; stories that best illustrate the nation or people, with an emphasis on how they may have inspired, shaped, and/or formed the person I am today. Of course, at this point in my life, I have been to far more than 80 countries, and so selecting which ones to include in this first edition was a challenge in and of itself. 

This is a work in progress.  As I complete individual stories they will appear hyperlinked in the list below.  When All 80 stories are complete, I will have the collection published as a volume, and added to my list of books. Some of the stories already appear in the Third Edition of The Intrepid Traveler: The ultimate guide to responsible, ecological, and personal growth travel and tourism.

  1. Algeria

  2. Argentina

  3. Austria

  4. Bangladesh

  5. Belarus

  6. Belgium

  7. Belize

  8. Benin

  9. Bolivia

  10. Brazil

  11. Burkina Faso

  12. Burma (Myanmar)

  13. Cambodia

  14. Canada

  15. Chile

  16. China

  17. Colombia

  18. Costa Rica

  19. Croatia

  20. Czech Republic

  21. Ecuador

  22. Egypt

  23. England

  24. Ethiopia

  25. France

  26. Gambia

  27. Germany

  28. Greece

  29. Guatemala

  30. Haiti

  31. Honduras

  32. Hungary

  33. India

  34. Indonesia

  35. Ireland

  36. Israel

  37. Italy

  38. Jordan

  39. Kenya

  40. Korea (North)

  41. Korea (South)

  42. Lichtenstein

  43. Madagascar

  44. Malaysia

  45. Mali

  46. Mexico

  47. Monaco

  48. Montenegro

  49. Mozambique

  50. Nepal

  51. Netherlands

  52. Niger

  53. Nigeria

  54. Pakistan

  55. Palestine

  56. Panama

  57. Peru

  58. Philippines

  59. Portugal

  60. Russia

  61. Scotland

  62. Senegal

  63. Singapore

  64. Slovakia

  65. Slovenia

  66. South Africa.

  67. Sudan (North and South)

  68. Switzerland

  69. Syria

  70. Tanzania

  71. Thailand

  72. Togo

  73. Turkey

  74. Ukraine

  75. Uganda

  76. United States

  77. Venezuela

  78. Yugoslavia

  79. Zambia

  80. Zimbabwe

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